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"A little help from you for a big change"

Nepal after the earthquake:

TAI Foundation´s mission continues to be faithful to the well-being of as many children as we can manage to reach. Since 2010 we are collaborating with several schools and all of them have been affected by the earthquake.

On the 25th of April 2015 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake took place near Kathmandu. Once again, on the 12th May another 7.4 magnitude earthquake challenged a country that was still wreaked havoc digesting the first catastrophe. The tragedy claimed nearly 10,000 deaths and left more than two million children in an extremely vulnerable situation.

Six months after the tragedy, there is a long way yet to go. The state of emergency and humanitarian aid extended during the 4 long months of the monsoon spell. The rebuilding process is beginning slowly, but not without the interruptions caused by the political instability that hampers a necessary recovery process and eagerly sought by everyone.

TAI Foundation was present throughout all the stages: helping thousands of families during the toughest moments when lacking food, shelter and domestic water. Our three months trip in July, August and September 2015 helped to reinforce our ties, deliver first-hand donations and make plans for the future. We are facing a complicated path full of challenges; however, we have the conviction, determination and energy to join our efforts, helping Nepal rise again and giving the smiles back to their children.  


We want the schools to be a safe place that nurtures the hope of the children who want to come to learn and share it with others, ensuring also a healthy meal every day. By returning them a safe place, we believe that we are also providing protection from poverty, sex trafficking and child exploitation to those who are now exponentially vulnerable. More than ever before, we repeat our mantra “education is the best vaccine against inequality” because only through education it´s possible to access the necessary resources that can put an end to the scarcity of their lives.

Our Principles of International Cooperation in Nepal

TAI Foundation (Together Accompanying Infancy) has been in action in Nepal for more than five years. We support projects born in Nepal and managed by Nepalese because we strongly believe in the future laid on the empowerment of those citizens who are more aware of their needs and changes to come. From a community point of view, these projects foresee and improvement of many children´s education nowadays, as well as the involvement and awareness of all the social figures: teachers, families and society at large.

From this community vision of education and as a whole, TAI carries on with our mission to help the Nepalese to promote change, starting on a small scale (access to schools) and spreading to other areas of their lives eventually (decent education ensured by law). 

TAI´s collaboration with the local projects helps them to finance some of their maintenance expenses and keep the dream alive: education for everyone.

After 5 years, some benefits have been reaped already:

* An increase in children´s general performance

* Greater involvement of the school communities

* Remarkable improvement of the students´ quality of life

These improvements are the result of incorporating infrastructures and basic resources such as water, classroom waterproofing, reading spots and more recently, teachers training.

In addition, the TAI team believes in the enrichment coming from the cultural exchange between Spain and Nepal, therefore we are also committed to send volunteers. These volunteers not only have the opportunity to get to know the reality of the country first-hand, but also to contribute with their ideas and time to every one of the projects.

Our ultimate goal is to give them back hope and dignity by reconstructing their schools, but not only that: training mothers so they receive income, training teachers and offering support and scholarships to students, constructing and coordinating small school canteens, installing green systems of water purification and, of course, maintaining the bond with all the places we have closely collaborated with since 2010.