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Your constant help allows us to carry out our ongoing projects. Monthly information on our progress is shared with you.

Being a member of the Fundacion TAI means a regular financial contribution but also represents an identity and a commitment to those who need it most. You will help maintain the projects carried out by our Foundation, with the opportunity to feel part of a group that defends interests and causes for which it is worth fighting.

As a member of TAI, you are the one who decides on how much and how to pay the quota.


To avoid possible costs incurred by the Foundation, and to allow your funds to arrive in their entirety to our projects, we have avoided bureaucracy and prefer you to ask your bank to make a regular donation on your behalf, to this account number:

ES69 0081 0145 07 0002849992

You choose how much you want to donate and how often. Just tell your bank the frequency with which you want to make a deposit. Consult your office for more information on regular transfers.

Once your regular donation is set up, please email us so we can add your address to our list of members and thus keep you informed of news and development of our projects. We periodically  update our website and our Facebook. Every two months we send a newsletter with specific information for members. Our commitment is to keep you informed on how your help generates changes. Thank-you for being there!


Share your time, your experience and your love. You are needed and we can help you get there.


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Make a Testament and include a solidarity legacy for your help to last. We will help you find out how.

Leave a Legacy

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